One 786 Acre Facility


a recognized leader in the Security Training Solutions Market for both Commercial and Government clients.

For Over 50 Years, Summit Point Training Facility has provided customized training solutions at our facility located in Summit Point, West Virginia. We take pride in providing tailored training solutions for clients in a world of ever evolving threat environments and security challenges.


Our People

We understand that each client’s circumstances are unique -
Our diverse staff comes from both military and law enforcement backgrounds to aid in accomplishing your training objectives.

Proven Training Solutions

Designed to fit the needs of those who may be exposed to domestic and international terrorist or criminal activities, as well as those charged with their protection - We fit your organizational goals.

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Facility Overview & Specifications

Providing a multitude of venues in one location including driving, firearms, emergency medical and related hard-skills training with integrated support for a wide variety of Interagency, Law Enforcement, and specialized DoD customers.

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Driving & Vehicle Dynamics

Driving courses are designed to improve skill and safety. Specialized programs include Accident Avoidance, Armored Vehicle Driving, Evasive Driving, Security Driving, and Unimproved/Off-Road Courses.

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Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation

In support of our Government and Industry partners, as well as our commercial Motorsports partners, SPTF has developed RDT&E support and test-bed options to assist and/or develop new and cutting-edge solutions for emergent challenges and government contracts support. In addition to this, we offer logistics, procurement and warehousing options on-site.

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