Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E)

SPTF recognizes the rapid invention and innovation that drives the defense and commercial industries, especially when it comes to technology. As a result, SPTF has invested in delivering a sophisticated out-of-the-box RDT&E testbed and proving grounds for demonstrations to high-value stake holders, to our unrestricted airspace, to our numerous office spaces, to our Shipping, Procurement, and Warehousing solutions, to our Data Analytics offerings, and much more, SPTF is the one-stop shop for all RDT&E needs. Best of all, SPTF’s secluded on-site venues provide total privacy, with the option to cross-collaborate with other clients should both parties agree. With 24/7/365 physical security, all RDT&E efforts are guaranteed secure and private.

Shipping, Warehousing and Procurement

As part of an RDT&E solution, SPTF offers a robust shipping, warehousing, and procurement solution. The primary warehouse on site measures 50,000 square feet, with climate-controlled storage options, separate and secure storage options, and full-time warehouse staff able to ensure ease of use of the facility. This warehouse has multiple off-load options, to include ramps and forklifts. Palletized material is easily loaded and unloaded, moved, tracked, and stored, and specialty items can be accommodated, such as vehicle fleets or large equipment. SPTF also provides a thorough shipping and procurement capability, able to provide services to scale, and store in accordance with customer requirements.

Wrap-Around Support and Solution Development

Not only does SPTF provide a fully customizable test-bed facility, but professional and experienced support solutions as well. This includes the above-mentioned shipping, procurement and warehousing, but also facilities maintenance, janitorial support, construction and infrastructure development solutions, all while providing IT and connectivity options throughout the entire facility. SPTF enables our partners to focus on their RDT&E goals and not the logistics and background details. SPTF routinely develops bespoke options for customers with varying and diverse needs. Finally, given the close proximity to Washington DC, SPTF can facilitate VIP stakeholders at a moment’s notice. With two helicopter landing zones on-site and internal catering ability, a demonstration for high-level personnel is easily facilitated.

Personnel Support

SPTF can provide myriad personnel to assist in various RDT&E areas. These personnel vary from highly skilled positions such as professional drivers, to technical experts, etc., to stand-in type positions such as passengers in vehicles, to “extras” for live-testing scenario realism. SPTF maintains relationships with numerous large and small businesses who can deliver specified expertise in critical areas to support a wide variety of client needs.

Role Player Support

SPTF can provide varied role player support for surveillance detection modules and other scenario-based elements. For surveillance detection and scenarios, SPTF uses role players with culturally appropriate theatrics and attire to make the simulated circumstances as realistic as possible and to achieve specific program objectives. These role players are also available to conduct surveillance. For both types of events, role players generally receive advance briefings regarding scenarios and expectations. For surveillance detection modules, role players also give debriefings on students’ ability to detect role players’ mobile observation. SPTF can also provide specialized tactical role players for Combatives, Force-on-Force and similar types of events. These tactical role players are either former law enforcement or military, usually from a specialized unit. These role players are comfortable in the utilization of simulated munitions and explosive devices, both offensively and used in a capacity against them. SPTF hires new role players with regularity to guarantee a tactically up-to-date stable of role player capacity.

On-Site Fuel Supply

SPTF’s efficient fueling services on site allow events to take place without interruption. All vehicles are refueled on site using SPTF’s 10,000-gallon fuel supply of gasoline and a 2000-gallon fuel supply of on-road diesel for rapid refueling during operations. SPTF has a Fuel Master System that provides up-to-the-minute fuel information. Each user and each vehicle have an ID number; both numbers must be entered each time a vehicle is fueled, and accurate accountability of fuel dispensed is electronically recorded. This system provides accurate data for fuel consumption and identifies quantities to be accurately and efficiently captured.

Office Space/Classrooms

SPTF provides multiple structures with offices and classroom spaces. Some buildings even offer semi-private or private offices in addition to fully furnished cubicles with desks, chairs, and storage drawers. Each office space includes restrooms and a breakroom/kitchen area complete with microwave, full-sized refrigerator, coffee machine, sink with hot and cold water, tables, and chairs. All classrooms have tables and chairs and can be configured for any style meeting or need. All classrooms include flat screen televisions, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, A/V connections to television screens, and computer terminal. Full-time on-site IT support is available during regular working hours. In addition to what is already on-site, regular development occurs at SPTF to meet customer needs.


SPTF buildings are configured to accommodate multiple applications in addition to traditional classroom/office space. Several buildings include open areas accessible by roll-up or double doors suitable for storage, scenarios, and planning. These spaces can be specifically outfitted to meet customer needs, to include building modifications, special equipment installation and support, etc.


Training Vehicles

SPTF currently maintains a fleet of over 200 vehicles for use in high-speed training, motorcade training, and unimproved/off-road training – including approximately 60 vehicles of all types that are operable/disposable vehicles. These disposable vehicles support ramming, PIT, drive and shoot, car shoot, barricade breaking, vehicle evacuations, IED search vehicles and ramming target vehicles, and in-car fighting scenarios. A SPTF subcontractor supplies disposable vehicles continuously, providing operable sedans that are mid-size or full-size and weigh above 2,500 pounds. Additionally, SPTF has recently introduced a fleet of Police Package Hemi Chargers as our primary training platform. This addition allows modern vehicle technology to be integrated into training offerings ensuring viability in a modern world.

Vehicle Maintenance

SPTF has extensive on-site vehicle repair and maintenance facilities that provide continuous training support with a dedicated quality assurance manager on-site. The 9,600 square foot maintenance shop is fully equipped with ten lifts, three welders, overhead service modules, a completely stocked parts room, a transmission rebuild station, metal fabrication equipment and a wide range of required smaller tools. Spare rebuilt engines, transmissions, and major driveline components are always stocked. SPTF maintains an inventory of spare vehicles for every course. SPTF employs ASE certified personnel in this area, which includes thirteen mechanics familiar with every aspect of SPTF vehicle maintenance.

Mechanics have an average of nine or more years of experience repairing and maintaining armored and other training vehicles for U.S. Government, military, and other clients. SPTF also has vehicle detailing staff that wash all training vehicles and ensure they are fully cleaned prior to the start of training. The double bay cleaning area is compliant with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards; SPTF can thus perform vehicle detailing regardless of weather. 

Defensive/Evasive Driving Vehicles

All vehicles are thoroughly inspected in preparation for high-speed and defensive driving maneuver training. SPTF spends four to six hours conducting a 64-point checklist inspection of all interior and exterior parts of each vehicle. During the initial checklist inspection, items not in precisely specified conditions are replaced. These vehicles are well-maintained with air-conditioning and heating systems, all of which are equipped with front and rear window defogging/defrosting systems. Vehicles are inspected before each class. All vehicles are modified and strengthened specifically for high-speed and evasive maneuvers training.

Unimproved/Off-Road Driving Vehicles

SPTF maintains twenty-five Jeep Cherokee vehicles for unimproved/off-road training. Each is modified with heavy-duty parts to withstand the rigors of repetitive training in rugged conditions. These vehicles undergo the same type of initial inspection as SPTF’s other training vehicles to ensure safety and durability.

Disposable and Operable Vehicles

SPTF vehicle maintenance personnel prepare disposable and operable vehicles for training, with safety as the top priority. SPTF conducts inspections and operability assessments, with preparation that includes modifying passenger restraints, air bags, removing loose objects, evaluating heaters, defrosters, overall visibility, and removing all glass in the headlights, signal lights, and taillights – and generally ensuring nothing becomes flying debris on impact. Tires, transmissions, brakes, steering, and all other systems are also evaluated. Generally, the life cycle of these vehicles varies depending on the damage incurred during training. For some exercises, such as ramming a barricade, the car must operate in both forward and reverse. Additional “back-up” cars are always prepared for each training exercises and held in reserve until needed. Drive-and-shoot vehicles undergo the same inspections and operability evaluations and must have braking and steering systems that work well with the ability to operate in forward and reverse.