Unimproved/Off-Road Driving Course


Unimproved & Off-Road Driving Course

Our Off-Road Driving Course is the perfect format to learn to drive in the most intense conditions in our specialty off-road Jeeps. This action-packed course is designed to challenge and improve your driving abilities in a variety of off-road environments. You'll have the opportunity to navigate through muddy trails, rocky terrain, and everything in between. Not only will you learn valuable skills and techniques for handing these challenging conditions, but you will also learn the critical balance between moving over difficult terrain and vehicle survivability. Keeping a vehicle operational while moving through such rigorous terrain requires training and practice in a controlled environment. SPTF is uniquely prepared to deliver this specialized training.

Course Description:

  • Different terrain surfaces: gravel, top soil, grass, hard packed clay and shale rock
  • How to read and change driving techniques based on vehicle language
  • Approach and departure angles
  • Suspension variables and the importance of planning prior to negotiating an obstacle
  • To identify components both underneath and in the engine compartment of a vehicle and what needs to be protected
  • Understanding of driver/vehicle relationship
  • Vehicle language, weight and traction transfer, body position, hand management and pedal control
  • The challenges of high and low frequency bumps and the problems each can create
  • The challenges of smoothly negotiating a variety of obstacles: rocks, stumps, ditches, dry creek beds, logs, ruts, hills, mud and top soil
  • How to use available materials to overcome obstacles
  • Necessity and technique of using a ground guide
  • Employment of equipment to recover a downed or stuck vehicle in a single or multi-vehicle situation

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