Law Enforcement Courses


Basic SWAT Course

This is a 40hr Basic SWAT/Tactical operators course that covers firearms, CQB principals and techniques,Types of assaults, operations planning, command and control, surgical marksmanship, building entry, mechanical breaching, weapons kit and loadout considerations, operator mindset, and vehicle assaults among other SWAT related topics.

Law Enforcement Precision Rifle, Sniper Course

This 40hr course is designed to give the more experienced SWAT team member the ability to make precision shots on designated threats during situations where lethal force at distance is necessary. During this course, students will gain an understanding of what the role of a Police Sniper/DM/Precision Rifleman is, and the tools required to successfully place precision shots on threats and minimize collateral injury to civilians and other team members. Learning the role of what a Police Sniper is, and how to perform in that role, are the elements of this course as it teaches that they are more than just a precision marksman.

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course

This 40hr course is for the Law Enforcement officer who wishes to become a certified firearms instructor. Topics covered in this course include, adult learning methodology, firearms safety, dealing with range emergencies, civil and criminal liability, instructional resources and research, fundamentals of marksmanship, coaching, patrol rifle fundamentals, malfunctions, positional shooting, positions of disadvantage, dim light/low light, shotgun fundamentals, and practical instructing application.

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