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National Registry Prep Course

This two-day, 16 hour course properly prepares EMT students to sit for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician written exam. It has been shown through numerous courses that the process of NREMT testing can be very overwhelming for students. This course was designed to create a less stressful and more streamlined approach to studying for, scheduling and completing the National Registry exam. The first day of this course focuses on a tailored approach based on pre-test exam scores. This includes concept review for both medical and trauma patients, as well as a comprehensive module dedicated to physiologic shock and the corresponding treatments. The second day of this course heavily concentrates on the style of questions National Registry presents, the proper breakdown of those questions, as well as tips & tricks for deriving the correct answer based on the information set forth in the question. The second day of this class finishes up with an afternoon of high-fidelity simulation scenarios to reinforce the information covered during the two days.

Breakdown of Skills/Exercises:

Medical Concept Overview

  • Cardiology based emergencies
  • Pharmacology review
  • Respiratory based emergencies
  • Endocrine based emergencies

Trauma Concept Overview

  • Mechanism of Injury & associated injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Chest Trauma
  • Abdominal Trauma

Circulation/Shock Management

  • Shock Type Recognition and Review
  • Field Management of Shock
  • Special Considerations

Medical Concept Overview

  • Airway Assessment Review
  • BVM Use
  • NPA Insertion
  • I-Gel Insertion

Trauma Concept Overview

  • Question-Type Breakdown
  • Common Mistakes Made
  • Medical Terminology Review
  • Practice Exam Questions

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