Special Skills Courses


Summit Point Training Facility (SPTF) Speciality Training Courses:

Above and beyond Firearms, Driving, and Emergency Medical Services training, SPTF also offers a variety of specialized training programs. These programs include periods of instruction such as unarmed hand-to-hand combatives, knife combat, utilization of a pistol during a hand-to-hand engagement, etc. Additionally, STPF has developed a nationally accredited active shooter training and assessment program. This program provides training and retraining, as well as a full site analysis and report with critical details to help protect and harden facilities such as schools, hospitals, houses of worship, etc. from possible active shooter threat. All of the above training is tailorable to customer needs just the same as our Firearms, Driving, and EMS training solutions.

Special Skill courses are offered for individuals with differing needs, duties or missions.

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